The Hills between Bologna and Modena

You can start your journey from the plain, with its historic villas such as Palazzo Albergati in Zola Predosa and the villas of Crespellano (Valsamoggia), then you can go up the hill to find evidence of ancient villages, palaces and medieval abbeys.

You can also visit the Archaeological Museum in Bazzano, the Ecomuseo della Collina e del Vino (Ecomuseum of the Hill and Wine) in Castello di Serravalle and the Museum of the Badia del Lavino in Monte San Pietro. 

Contemporary art is on display at the Cà la Ghironda Modern Art Museum in Zola Predosa, while the Chiusa di Casalecchio is a wonderful example of hydraulic engineering. The places where Guglielmo Marconi conducted his experiments are worth a visit too. 

Click on each town and lose yourself in art, nature and itineraries in the hills between Bologna and Modena!