Parco della Chiusa

The Parco della Chiusa, better known as Parco Talon, is the ideal place to admire the Chiusa or to walk in the nature. It develops at the foot of the Colle della Guardia and extends for about 110 hectares between the River Reno and the first hills of Bologna. The entrance to the Parco della Chiusa is next to the Church of San Martino.

The Marquis Sampieri, a Bolognese family of landowners, commissioned Bibiena to build the park in the 18th century.

The current structure of the park is similar to that of the French and English parks.

It can be divided into 4 parts: the park, the Italian garden around the two villas built according to the canons of “Le Notre” French School, the forest, the agricultural estate and the floodplain vegetation.

During the period of its maximum splendor, the Park and the Villa hosted luxurious receptions, cultural events and concerts, as evidenced by the presence of famous musicians such as Gioacchino Rossini and Gaetano Donizetti and other famous people of the time: in the 19th century, Stendhal used to visit the park and he compared it to the "Bois de Boulogne".