Nigelli Collection

The Collection tells of Bologna's two-wheeled history: there were more than 85 motorcycle manufacturers in Emilia-Romagna from the end of the World War I to the late 20th century. The collection aims to keep alive the memory of the companies that have written a page of glory in motorcycle history and have influenced style and culture on a national scale. 

More than 100 horn models are on display. The collection allows visitors to make a journey through time: from the first hand-made trumpets, to anti-aircraft alarms, to the first means of transport.

The collection also includes a long brass cylinder from the Orsa Navy school ship: thanks to a lever, it is able to emit a dark sound that can be heard up to 15 kilometers away in the open sea.

The Nigelli Collection is part of the "Motor Valley" regional circuit.

Guided tours by appointment only

Info and contacts:

Nigelli Collection
Nifo S.r.l. Via Giuseppe Venturi 3
40050 Monte San Pietro - Loc. San Martino in Casola (Bo)
Tel. +39 051 6766792