Naturalistic Oasis of S. Gherardo

The river terrace of S. Gherardo was subjected to mining activities by the S.A.P.A.B.A. Company in the late 20th century. 

In 1995, the area was included by the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Province of Bologna among the regional mining poles.

The Naturalistic Oasis is the result of the environmental restoration carried out by the same company at the end of the mining operations: it provided for the creation of two large wetlands according to naturalistic engineering criteria.

This intervention was aimed at enhancing the biodiversity of the territory and interrupting the transit of machinery and vehicles used for filling the excavated area.

This intervention was intended to plant trees, shrubs and water plants, to create routes, signs and observation points equipped for both public and educational use of the recovered area.

Today the Oasis has an undoubted naturalistic value.

The Municipality of Sasso Marconi is responsible for its management and maintenance as established by the agreement signed with the S.A.P.A.B.A. Company at the time of the donation of the Oasis to the municipal administration.