The Project

  • The Objectives

The Municipality of Bologna has recently developed a project aimed at the development of the local tourism closely connected to the image of the city, which is the main tourist access to the entire metropolitan area.

It is essential to implement a shared process of tourist valorization as well as a coordinated tourist promotion at a metropolitan and regional level in order to harmonize the cultural, social aspects of the territory with direct involvement of inhabitants and stakeholders.

The general aim of the project is to promote the hills between Bologna and Modena  from a cultural, environmental and historical point of view in order to develop a tourism offer that respects local heritage as a whole. 

The fundamental objective is to set up a network of Pro Loco that interact and share practices for the development of an integrated tourist promotion. 

A network of Pro Loco of the territory can be an ideal partner, both for its widespread presence in the territory, and for its ability to support a tourist experience strongly linked to the identity of the territory and to the deep knowledge of local heritage. 

The projects develops around 3 main guidelines: 

  • Training

Training is essential in order to develop a shared tourist mentality of the territory and has to involve: 

- Students:  they have to learn more about local cultural, environmental and historical heritage and become the real ambassadors of their territory. 

- Citizens: they have to take active part in the process of local tourism promotion.

- Pro Loco volunteers: they have to improve their ability to interact and welcome tourists and the skills needed to "network" with high quality standards.

  • Communication

On-line and off-line communication are crucial for the development of any process of tourist promotion.The "storytelling" of the territory must be coordinated and shared with all the subjects of the territory and must take into account the peculiarities and real local tourist opportunities. Consequently, also the means of communication used for the story of the territory must be updated and coordinated and take full advantage of the potential of the web. 

  • Organization of initiatives and events

The project aims to organize a series of initiatives and events which can contribute to attract visitors to the area at a period of low season and extend their period of stay thanks to direct involvement of local authorities, associations, commercial operators and educational institutions.